You are lying on your stomach and still half asleep. I gently caress your back and ass. It is solid and smooth. You can feel how nervous I am when you touch me. A hand slips between your legs. You reflexively raise your ass and open your crotch, which is already overheated and moist. I slowly pull your panties down to your knees. I explore your pussy with my fingers, which is getting wetter and wetter. Every now and then I mischievously slide over your asshole. You moan quietly into the pillow with pleasure, reach out to me and caress me.
It's hard and hot. He tenses up at your touch and can't wait to slide into you. I climb on top of you, grab your ass and gently spread it.
What a beautiful kitty. Open and willing. I lay down and put my head between your legs. It is also fragrant and tasty. I gently kiss and lick her. I dedicate myself to the little one. Every time I stroke it with my tongue, it swells more. I withdraw my mouth. I circle your wet hole with my index and middle fingers and dig them into it. I rest my tongue on your ass. You open your eyes from shock, but from pleasure you only see darkness. How wet you are. In a slow rhythm I lick your ass and fuck you with my fingers. You start thrusting your hips into my face. It will come to you. Not yet. In no time I move away and climb on top of you. You turn your head and look at me angrily. I just give you a mischievous wink back and rest my cock on your ass. Oh, how it flashes. You are immediately calm and motionless. I approach you and gently bite your ear. "How good you are." You smile and wiggle your ass. I return the motion and gently slide up and down between your ass. I kiss you on the neck and back and quietly moan with pleasure. You take my hand and whisper to me. "Fuck me."
This time I slide a little lower. The pussy opens and the hardened cock slides into her. Slowly, all the way to the eggs. You keep forgetting how big it is. And you are so tight. I gently bite into your neck and grunt in pleasure. The game is over. I grab you by the hips and bring you to your knees. One hand stays on her hips, while the other grabs her scalp and roughly pushes it into the pillow. Before you can even sigh in pleasure I press him into you again. And one more time. Your ass slaps against my thighs hard and I pump into you in perfect rhythm. You can come now. And how. If you hadn't buried your head in the pillow, the whole block would have heard your screams. But I can hear them well and that makes me want to push you even harder. When you orgasm, you lift your feet off the bed and let out a loud scream. I love it when you're loud. I slow down and stop. You collapse on the bed and take a deep breath in bliss. Morning orgasms are the best. I'm on edge myself. I still need a little more. A little of that sweetest thing. and you know exactly what I want. You diligently raise your bottom again and stroke your tightest hole with your finger. You're ready and I don't need any extra encouragement.
I spit and plant it in your ass. How tight. How good. I can't help but moan in pleasure. A gentle slide soon turns into a violent thrust. You can feel me getting more tense with each penetration. You start leaning into my thrusts. My rhythm becomes uneven and my moans grow into loud screams through my teeth. You know I filled you up. And when I slowly stop, you feel me still throbbing inside you. I collapse next to you and catch my breath.
Good morning.