Trade carefree, feel safe and avoid inconvenience in time.

Be as careful as possible when it comes to the following circumstances:

  • The price of the item being sold seems unrealistically favorable.
  • The seller requests payment of the full or smaller amount in advance, bypassing the bank account.
  • The seller avoids the meeting.
  • The seller requests a copy of the bank card or other personal documents (only the IBAN number is sufficient to make the payment).

Something suspicious? Report immediately to the e-mail address:
Something "stinks" to you? The seller is suspicious? Buyer has unusual requirements? If anything bothers you, send an e-mail message to the above address.

How to shop safely

If you want to buy a certain item or use certain services quickly, successfully and safely, first read our tips for safe and successful shopping.

  • If you find the text and photos unusual (unintelligible, intentionally vague or ambiguous, etc.) or absent at all, please report the ad via the link in the ad detail view.
  • If the ad is written in very poor Slovenian (or translated with the help of Google Translate), first contact the customer service before contacting the advertiser.
  • If the photos of the item are not clear enough or are from the web, be sure to request that they send you photos of the item being sold.
  • When you decide to buy, be sure to call the seller or ask for their phone number via the Contact User option
  • Wrong number, the number doesn't exist, or someone who doesn't know why it's calling? Call customer service to verify the ad. Sometimes this is an inadvertent error by the seller and the ad will be reactivated as soon as the information is corrected.
  • If the seller answers in poor Slovenian or English, requests your personal information or payment in advance, you should immediately report it to the customer support service.
  • Meet the seller in a public place whenever possible.
  • Take a good look at what you are buying and only pay if you are completely satisfied.
  • Don't pay anything in advance.
  • Scammers are often very kind and friendly and act with very good intentions.
  • Don't forget these tips, and above all, don't think that something like this can't happen to you, because it can happen to anyone!

It should be emphasized that the portal is not responsible for any disputes arising during trading, and that user data can only be forwarded to competent authorities (in accordance with the Data Protection Act).